Thursday, April 5, 2012

On cleavage and mini-skirts

Women who wear low-cut blouses to compete in chess tournaments are being put in check.
New rules dictate that women cannot reveal “decolletes” [the French word for cleavage] during the just concluded European Women`s Championship in Turkey.
The European Chess Union (ECU) has revealed that several spectators have complained about the choice of clothing by some female players, while male competitors have stated that they have been distracted during games . Some female competitors are just too damn sexy.
Are beautiful players using their partially-covered parts to gain advantage at chess tournaments? I think so,
Sava Stoisavljevic, the female ECU General Secretary, didn’t seem to mind that the female players dressed in skimpy garments but the change in dress code was due to female players’ appearance causing a ruckus in the peanut gallery.
“I heard many comments from spectators and coaches,” Stoisavljevic said “It's nice to see chess players with short skirts — they are very pretty girls. But I believe there should still be some limit.There is dress code in many different sports, and we decided to establish our rules as well.”
According to the rules “Players can keep two buttons on their tops open, but no more. Skirts must be no shorter than 10 centimeters (3.9 inches) above the knee.
The rules, which apply to both men and women, demand that players wear clean clothing that does not show excessive wear or holes.
Players must not have body odor.
Sunglasses may be worn during play; hats, with the exception of religious head garb, may not. Flip-flops are banned.”
Players who are in violation of the new rules will receive several verbal and written warnings before being forced to leave the competition if they still refuse to comply
Age-Group Our future chess columnist and kiddie chess-player KC Morala sent in this report.

“Young champions, from the 1st Cebu City Age Group Chess Challenge held in the Cebu City Sports Center Dance Studio last March 24-25, 2012, will lead Team Cebu to the upcoming Visayas Leg Age-Group & National Juniors Chess Championships to be held in Kalibo, Akhlan on April 7-14.

James Fernando Diloy, emerged as champion in Boys 12-under category. For the girls, Cherry Mae Caballes was affirmed champion.

The Boys 14-under Division ended up to be a fourfold tie amongst Rhenzi Kyle Sevillano, Jeffu Dorog, Ryan Pacres and Christian Pondoyo. Sevillano won in the tiebreak. Meanwhile, Laila Camel Nadera, with a record of 5 wins and no loss, took the throne for the girls category.

KC Morala earned the champion title for the Girls 16-under Category while it was Allan Pason who took the limelight for the boys in the same age class.

Other champs were Vladimir James Robillos and Regina Catherine Quiñanola for 8-under Category, Jeremy Pepito and Glesit Marie Tatoy for 10-under Category, and Romero Junrey and Carmel Socorro Loquez for 20-under Category.

CCSC and Cebu City Government will finance their transportation and meal expenses only.”

Cepca The club sponsored a tournament among its members last weekend to celebrate the birthday of its valued member ,Jun Olis, at his residence in Gunob,Lapulapu also participated by members of the Lapulapu Chess Club.

The surprise winner was Dr. Ramon Pangilinan followed by Ramil Resuera, Lando Torres,Jerome Mongcopa, Arnel Abellana and Aldwin Daculan.

This serves also as our monthly tournament for March

Meanwhile a cepca member, who requested to remain unidentified has won a bonanza of $20,000, He has promised to sponsor a big tournament and dinner in a 5-star hotel for board members as soon as his check will arrive. lucky fellow!,

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