Monday, April 23, 2012

Cepca to promote chess among prisoners

The Cebu Executives and Professionals Chess Association as part of its purpose to promote the game will reach out to our brothers in prison so they can “ learn from a game that rewards patience and problem-solving and apply it to their own lives.” We will start in Mandaue City Jail as the warden,Jessie Calumpang,is very receptive to the idea and related to one of our officers,Jun Olis. I got the idea from Cook County Jail Sheriff Tom Dart of Illinois who said "It helps you gain mental clarity and keeps you focused." We believe that chess will teach the inmates "responsibility, planning ahead, patience, problem solving, and learning from past mistakes to name a few." "We see it day-in and day-out that people want instant gratification and that often individuals do not think before they act," Dart said . "Thoughtless actions will hurt you while playing chess and hurt you more on the street." "It makes your mind expand," said inmate Kevin Upshaw. "It is like life. I am incarcerated. I am trying to unlock my mind. Chess is going to help me." "I love that it teaches you the art of thinking that I can apply to everyday life," said inmate Jack Moody. "It gives them something to do. The benefits are amazing," said Sheriff Dart. "This is a unique thing, and they are paying for it themselves, not the taxpayers...Some are tournament ready to challenge other inmates in jails, and they are paying for this themselves." After Mandaue, Cepca will go to other jails in Cebu like BBRC and Operation Second Chance. Our program,which is scheduled next month is to hold simul tournaments to be conducted by Cepca members and inmate winners will be rewarded with some cash including draws. Cepca president Jojo Muralla,club secretary Dante Arguelles ,Membership chairman Jun Olis and Mike Banebane will conduct the simul against 10 opponents each. Mandaue City Jail has around 855 inmates. “We will also conduct a tournament among inmates with cash prizes and trophy going to the winners and donate chess sets to the jail” said Jojo. Visayas Age Group our future kiddie chess journalist and chess player, KC Morala sent in this report. “ Cebuanos ruled the National Age Group Visayas Eliminations in Kalibo, Aklan last April 8-10, 2012. Alphecca Gonzales reigns among the participants of Girls 8-under Though Jazzelle Villarin takes off with an impressive performance of straight wins in the early rounds, Ruth de Guzman from Makati City trips her off the race for the champion trophy on the fourth place. A draw with second placer Michelle Yaon and another loss on her last round with Jean Karen Enriquez lands her on the sixth place for the Girls 16-under division. Meanwhile, her colleague KC Morala finishes ninth. Jessa Balbona barely managed to hang on in the Top 10 in the Girls 20-under category, finishing the six rounds with two wins and two draws. Jeremy Pepito takes the limelight for the second place in the Open 10-under category. . A loss to Paulo Bersamina, later the title holder for the Open 14-under, and a draw with Lanz Otero lays Rhenzi Kyle Sevillano in the third place. Half a point behind him, fellow Cebuano John Francis Balbona gets hold of fourth rank. Half a point behind, Allan Pason takes his throne on the second place. Meanwhile, Felix Shaun Balbona and Diego Abraham Claro gets fifth and seventh place respectively. Aldritz Pondoyo settles for third, with James Andrew Balbona closely following, placing right next to Pondoyo. Duane Borgonia seizes sixth place. Michael Silvaderio gets a hold in the 9th place for the Open 20-under.”

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