Friday, March 23, 2012

Side income of chess players (part 2)

UNLIKE professional boxers, tennis, basketball or football players, chess players need a side income to live a decent and comfortable life. Only about 20 to 30 percent of grandmasters live solely on income from tournaments.

Diplomats include Jose Capablanca (Cuba), Max Judd (consul-general in Vienna), James Mortimer, and Tassilo von Lasa (Prussia) and Jaroslav Sajtor (Czechoslovakia).

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Donald Byrne was an associate professor of English at Penn State and Johann Berger was an Austrian high school administrator.

Journalists include Lajos Asztalos, Robert Byrne, Emil Diemer, Isaac Kashdan, Lubomir Kavalek, George Koltanowski, Mario Monticelli, Andy Soltis, and Boris Spassky.

James Tarjan and Carl Ahlhausen were both librarians.

Medical doctors are Jana Bellin, Fedor Bogatirchuk (also professor of radiological anatomy), Karl Burger, Ricardo Calvo, Yona Kosashvili, Ariel Mengarini (psychiatrist), Joseph Platz, Helmut Pfleger, Christine Rosenfeld, Anthony Saidy (specializing in tuberculosis), Siegbert Tarrasch, and Johannes Zukertort.

Lev Aronin was a meteorologist, while Jean Dufresne was a newspaper editor in Berlin and Robert Huebner worked as a papyrologist.

Seamen included Arthur Dake and William Evans (ship captain) while Emil Schallopp was a stenographer.

Ilya Gurevich ,Ron Henley and Larry Kaufman became a successful stock brokers and traders.

John Roycroft was a systems engineer for IBM, while Victor Frias and Nicolas Rossolimo were taxi drivers.

Teachers include Adolf Anderssen (math), Gedeon Barcza (math), Ludwig Bledow (math), Donald Byrne (English), Robert Byrne (philosophy), Arpad Elo ( astronomy), Max Euwe (math), Paul Keres (math), Lionel Kieseritzky (math), Danny Kopec (computer science), Geza Maroczy (math), Stuart Rachels, Ken Regan (computer science), Ken Rogoff (economics).

Max Harmonist was a ballet dancer for the Royal Ballet in Berlin, performing at the Imperial Opera House.

Members of the clergy include Bill Lombardy , George MacDonnell , Ruy Lopez , John Owen , Domenico Ponziani , Charles Ranken , Arthur Skipworth , and William Wayte . Lombardy is a former Roman Catholic priest.

Ruy Lopez was a Spanish priest and later bishop in Segura. Owen was an English vicar.

Ponziani was a law professor and priest who became a canon in the Modena Cathedral, then Vicar General. Ranken was a Church of England clergyman. He and Lord Randolph Churchill founded the Oxford University Chess Club. Wayte was a Church of England clergyman.

CHECK TOURNAMENT. Kc Morala, our kiddie journalist and chess player sent in this report.

“Rhenzi Kyle Sevillano of USC emerged as the champion of the Deep Blue Chess Tournament held in SM Mall last March 18, 2012.

The tournament featured a close fight among Cebu’s prominent players--Sevillano, Diego Abraham Claro from UC, Allan Pason of Pajo National High School, and Felix Shaun Balbona of USJ-R.

Sevillano finished with 6points after draws with Claro and Pason. He beat Claro for the victor limelight in the tiebreak. Claro got second place.

Pason lost the chase for the champion’s trophy as he drew three rounds with Claro, Sevillano and F.S. Balbona to settle for third place. He was ahead of fellow 5.5 pointer F.S. Balbona in the tiebreak.

The youngest member of the Balbona family, James Andrew, joined the array of winners after overthrowing his older sister, Jessa Balbona, off the race for fifth place during the last round.

A total of 38 players took part in the tournament.”


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