Saturday, September 10, 2011

World Cup results 1st round

The 2011 FIDE World Cup is a 128-player knockout format that is taking place in Khanty-Mansiysk, Siberia from August 27th till September 20th.
Except for the final, which will be played in 4 games all rounds have 2 game matches plus rapid and blitz tiebreaks and an Armageddon
The good news is that Wesley So won his 1st round match against China champion Ding Liren via tiebreak 2.5-1.5.

The bad news is that Mark Paragua lost to England`s Michael Adams 0.5-1.5 although it was not unexpected.

China arrived with a large delegation and large ambitions .

However they had a bad 1st round as 7 of their players lost their matches and only Ni Hua and Bu Xiangzi advanced to the second round. Wang Hao had to withdraw because of a heart problem
Wang Yue, who at 2709 Elo is number 27 in the World Cup, was knocked out by Alexandr Fier of Brazil, rated 2566 .Li Chao also lost to the Vietnamese Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son . It was downhill from there as Zhou Jianchao lost to the Ukrainian Anton Korobov and Yu Yangyi was defeated by Mircea-Emilian Parligras of Romania.
The tragedy of the Chinese team, however, was my young idol 17-year-old Women's World Champion Hou Yifan who had a promising position against Sergei Movsesian in the 1st game but blundered. In the 2nd game Yifan outplayed her Armenian opponent, who is 125 points ahead of her by ratings . But just when she had the win , a rook sacrifice on move 30 , she failed to see it and allowed her opponent to get back into the game.
Bu Xiangzhi secured himself a place in the second round by winning the 1st game against Egyptian Ahmed Adly, who then fell ill and missed the second game. Adly had to go to a hospital for a kidney stones operation
Ni Hua prevailed over Ildar Khairullin of Russia which was decided by blitz matches.
Aside from the loss of Wang Yue, Hungarian Peter Leko was the most prominent player to be eliminated in the first round. After losing a fighting game against Samuel Shankland of the US in the 1st game , Peter had to go for broke in their second encounter but played recklessly in the opening, and in the end Leko had to offer a draw.
While China struggled ,Vietnam and India had flawless results.
India`s talents had a successful run as Abhijeet Gupta defeated Rauf Mamedov of Azerbaijan 1,5:0,5, Pentala Harikrishna won against Maxim Rodshtein of Israel 1,5:0,5, and Parimarjan Negi had a walkover against the injured Vladimir Akopian, who broke his leg.
Vietnam also had a solid 1st round as Le Quang Liem secured a 1,5-0.5 victory against Susanto Megaranto of Indonesia , while Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son won against Li Chao with the same score.
As I write this Wesley (2658) is playing the tournament`s top seed,Sergey Karjakin (2788) in the 2nd game . The 1st game was a solid draw in a French by Wesley. It was Karjakin who offered the draw.
Mabolo Kc Morala ,our Kiddie Chess player and future chess columnist emailed this report.
“Duanne Borgonia reigns victorious over fellow kiddies participants in the Mabolo Chess Tournament last August 28, 2011.
The young 10-year-old chess enthusiast earned straight wins in the 5-round event, having defeated 2nd placer Kirk Patrick Morala who had 4pts and Aldritz Pondoyo who placed third.
Meanwhile, Christian Pondoyo was proclaimed victor in another tournament still held in the Mabolo Chess Club last August 30, 2011. Tailing closely are his younger brother, Aldritz Pondoyo and Duanne Borgonia. Running fourth is Fernando Ryan.
The tournament was made possible thanks to the Cebu City Sports Commission, Brgy. Mabolo and Council, Macasero Torrefranca and associates. The club plans to hold monthly tourneys to gain more members.”,

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