Monday, December 13, 2010

The Bobby Fischer saga continues

THE DNA test on former chess champion Bobby Fischer’s corpse has shown that he was not the father of nine-year-old Jinky Young, as claimed by Jinky’s mother Marilyn Young.

The Youngs are from Davao City.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

I am reprinting the comments of Jinky’s lawyer, Samuel Estimo, which was e-mailed to me, last night.

“The exhumation of Bobby Fischer was not done in the normal way. His coffin should have been brought up and opened to make sure the seven tissue samples taken from the alleged remains were those of Bobby Fischer.

Indeed, the procedure undertaken borders on the doubtful. The lot where Fischer was buried belongs to the family of Gardar Sverisson, a close friend of Miyoko Watai.

He had complete access to the area, and in fact, Fischer was buried there in front of the church in an early January morning without the church pastor knowing it. Who knows what could have taken place there between the date of burial and on the days before the exhumation?

As it will appear now, the Targ nephews will collect the estate of Bobby Fischer. Of the three claimants, the nephews are the least-favored as far as Bobby was concerned.

The two women closest to his heart were Jinky Young and Miyoko Watai, and if he could just have written a last will, he would have bequeathed his entire estate to the two.

I doubt if the Targ brothers would get a single kroner in that will.

I am sure Bobby will not like the way his estate will be disposed of. The strong secondary evidences, like the photos, bank remittances to Jinky, the postcards which Bobby sent to Jinky where he signed “Daddy” and even the expensive house and lot that Bobby bought for Jinky in the Philippines, should have been factored in the disposition of his estate.

“Jinky will be denied her rightful due to the estate of Bobby Fischer!”

I am positive that Marilyn and Jinky would not have gone to Iceland to have their DNA test had Marilyn not been sure of the paternity of Jinky.

Either Marilyn is terribly wrong or the tissue removed during exhumation was not that of Fischer. From what I have gathered, the DNA sample was taken by digging a hole in the ground and into the coffin “out of respect’’ for Fischer and the coffin was not opened.

Although I am not a lawyer, the case should not be considered close. It is clear that Fischer accepted Jinky as his daughter as shown by the continuous financial support given to her and other evidences. It should go to court arbitration as the amount involved is substantial (estimated at P100 million to 140 million).

Although there is no will, Bobby’s real intention should be respected.

TALISAY. The Talisay City Chess Club has launched the CCaT program.

CCaT (pronounced “sikat” ) is an abbreviation for Chess Clinic and Tournaments. Its primary aim is to promote chess to kids who are 14 years old and younger.

It also offers an alternative option to computer war games, gambling and illegal drugs and has organized chapters in Barangays for this purpose.

The CCaT Program is on-going. It started in Barangay San Roque, then Bulacao under Antonio Cabrera and organized by Loreto Powao. Now it is Tabunok’s turn.

Barangay Captain Maning Cabriana is inviting all kids to participate in the coming tournament on Aug. 22 9 a.m. at the Tabunok Sports Complex. It will be seven rounds Swiss, 30 minutes play to finish. Registration is P25.

Contact persons are Loreto Powao, organizer, Vicente Rabaya, Tabunok Chapter President and Rowell Campaner, Bulacao Chapter President. Tournament director is former Cepca president Manny Manzanares.


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Don said...

I don't think it really matters if Bobby was related to this little girl or not. The fact was they had a close relation ship where he referred to himself as Daddy and he bought them a house.

There really are no doubts who's DNA came form that coffin. In as much you can simply look at this child and see there is no resemblance whatsoever. Still, being a parent is more than just a donation of sperm.