Monday, December 13, 2010

Alien abductee is still Fide president

KIRSAN Ilyumzhinov remains Fide President for four more years up to 2014. He won convincingly during the elections held with the Chess Olympiad in Khanty-Maniysk. He
got 95 votes to 55 for Anatoly Karpov, while three abstained.

After his re-election Ilyumzhinov reportedly offered a position to Karpov.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Gary Kasparov, a Karpov supporter, questioned the proxy list composed of 56 countries that have entrusted their right to vote to other member states participating.

The result was a devastating loss for Karpov, although he had the support of the big federations like Germany,USA and most of Europe.

Kirsan had the votes of the small federations in Asia, Africa and South America.

A review of the developments prior to the election showed that this was probably the nastiest election in Fide history.

Ilyumzhinov criticized the destructive tactics of his opponent a few days before the Olympiad.

I understand that the Philippines voted for Ilyumzhinov. Although he is highly controversial, especially for his claim that he was visited by aliens in his Moscow apartment and taken on a guided tour in their spaceship, my opinion is that chess has become more popular worldwide during his terms starting in 1995.

Besides, I am a firm believer that we are not the only intelligent species in this universe.

Olympiad results after eight rounds. Men’s section (win-draw-loss): Ukraine 14 points, (6-2-0), Russia 1 13 points (6-1-1), Georgia 13 points (6-1-1), Azerbaijan 13 points (6-1-1), Hungary 13 points (6-1-1), Armenia 13 points (6-1-1), France 13 points (5-3-0), China 12 points (5-2-1), USA 12 points (5-2-1),Cuba 12 points (5-2-1), Israel 12 points (5-2-1).

Women’s section: Russia 1 16 points (8-0-0), Serbia 13 (6-1-1), Russia 2 13 (5-3-0), China 12 (6-0-2), Georgia 12 (6-0-2), Ukraine 12 (6-0-2), Cuba 12 (6-0-2), Hungary 12 (5-2-1), India 12 (6-0-2), Bulgaria 12 (5-2-1), Croatia 12 (5-2-1).

The Philippines’ men’s team scored nine pts with 4 wins 1 draw and 3 losses, while the women has eight with 3 wins 2 draws and 3 losses.

Here are our men’s round by round results: 4-0 vs. Korea; 1.5-2.5 vs. Spain, 2-2 vs. Scotland,; 3.5-1.5 vs. Paraguay, 3-1 vs. Uruguay, 1-3 vs. Belarus, 3-1 vs. Puerto Rico and 1-3 vs. Bulgaria.

The RP women results are:4-0 vs. Netherlands Antilles, 0.5-3.5 vs. Romania, 4-0 vs. Qatar, 2-2 vs. Israel, 2-2 vs. Argentina, 4-0 vs. Mexico, 1.5-2.5 vs. Peru and 0-4 vs. Vietnam.

Individual scores of our boys are: Wesley So (4/7), John Paul Gomez (4/7), Darwin Laylo (2.5/6). Eugene Torre (3.5/5). Richard Bitoon (4.5/7).

Individual scores of our women are: Cheradee Camacho (5/8), Catherine Perena (3.5/7), Shercila Cua (2.5/5), Rulp Ylem Jose (5/8) Jedara Docena (2/4). Cheradee was in solid contention for board 1 honors until she lost in the seventh and eighth rounds.

The leading scorers for board honors (men’s):

Board 1—Vassily Ivanchuk (Ukraine) 6.5/7, Levon Aronian (Armenia) 5/7 and Ian Nepomniachtchi (Russia)-5/7.

Board 2—Emil Sutovsky (Israel) 5/6, Wang Hao(China) 6.5/8, Victor Laznika (Czech Republic) 6/8.

Board 3—Vitaly Teterev (Belarus) 6/7, Sergei Rublevsky (Russia 3) 6/8, Judit Polgar (Hungary) 5.5/8.

Board 4—Sergei Karjakin (Russia 1) 6.5/7, Levan Pantsulaia ( Georgia) 5.5/6, Zahar Efimenko(Ukraine) 6.5/8.

Board 5—Vlastimil Babula (Czech Republic) 5/6, Nils Grandelius (Sweden) 5.5/7, Kirili Stupak (Belarus) 5/7.

Our boys were set to play Turkmenistan last night in the ninth round, while the girls were to face Bolivia.


Published in the Sun.Star Cebu newspaper on October 01, 2010.

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