Friday, April 22, 2016

Pestaño: SAC fetes USC chess teams in sports awards

 Thursday, April 21, 2016
OUR lady journalist and my favorite player, Keith Claire Morala, sent in this twin reports.
“The University of San Carlos-BED Chess Team received a special citation in the 34th SAC-SMB Cebu Sports Awards held at Robinsons Galleria Cebu last April 20.
This award was given in recognition of what the young Warriors Grand Slam victory,” which refers to the back-to-back sweeping success in the 2015 Milo Olympics National Finals held in Pangasinan.
The Secondary Girls team is made up of Laila Nadera, Glysen Derotas,Jeremy Bajo, Cherry Caballes and Loisa Ranili. Jeffu Dorog, Ryan Pacres, Arvert Cadiz, Jonas Bajo and Kirk Morala represented the Secondary Boys team.
The elementary girls team was composed of Naureen Bagano, Jasia Dorog,Kirsten Sanchez, and Althea Bagano, while Raniel Perandos, Jave Peteros, Vic Gyles Derotas, Dwayne Abella, Andrei Cadiz completed the list for the elementary boys team.
All four categories were won by the USC chess teams as they represented the Visayas Team in the said categories.
The team also earned four Most Outstanding Player Awards--Nadera for the secondary girls division, Dorog for the secondary boys division, Naureen Bagano for the elementary boys division and Perandos in the elementary boys division.
Nadera also received a special citations award for her achievement in the National Age Group finals, where she seized the champion trophy and claimed a slot in the Philippine Team.
Whatever the combination of words, excellence was what these young USC Warriors has exemplified, and the result has been nothing short of spectacular.
Abella Memorial. National Master Merben Roque orchestrated his sweeping success in the 2nd Roger Abella Memorial Open Chess Tournament held at the Robinsons Galleria Cebu last April 17.
After quashing his opponents in the first six rounds, including International Master Kim Steven Yap in the sixth round, NM Roque drew his last game with Carlos Moreno III.
At 6.5 points, Roque secured his place as solo champion of the seven-round tournament.
Those who were tied at six points were Moreno, IM Yap, Rommel Ganzon, Richard Natividad, NM Elwin Retanal, and Edsel Montoya, who finished at the second to the seventh places, respectively, after the tiebreaks.
Those who made the top 10 with 5.5 points are Rogelio Enriquez, Jr., Anthony Makinano, and Kiddie player stand-out Reishi Polan.
Polan also received an award for being the Top Kiddies player, followed by Duane Borgonia and Aaron Resma with four points each.
Airene Robillos took the Top Ladies award, Laila Nadera placed second, while I finished third.
A total of 129 players took part in the tournament.”
US Championship. Wesley So is in a two-way tie for first place, reflecting a sharp turnaround from his erratic performance last year because of family problems. An unexpected visit from his estranged mother resulted in an open confrontation with his “foster” mother Lotis Key. He even forfeited a game because of a rules violation.
So’s aggressive play has been praised by experts as the most scintillating and entertaining of the tournament and after five games, he remains undefeated. He won over Kamsky, Akobian and Chandra and drew with Caruana and Shabalov. So and fellow Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana share first place atop the elite 12-player field, each with three wins and two draws.
After a rest day, his opponent will be Nakamura, who has a higher rating than him. “He’s one of the best players in the world and I have a lot of respect for him, actually,” So said. “He’a four-time U.S. champion. At the same time, I’m hoping for my first.”

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