Friday, January 15, 2016

Pestaño: Muslims-Christians Friendship tournament

THE most unique tournament in Cebu, or even in the country in a long time, was the Muslim-Christian tournament held last weekend at the Colonnade Mall in Cebu City. In the light of the enmity of these two religions, this comes as a breath of fresh air.
While talking with some of the organizers, some of them from Marawi City. I was reminded of one of my happier days as I was assigned in Lanao del Norte covering the cities of Iligan and Marawi in the late 60s. This was before Martial Law and there was no trouble between Christians and Muslims then.
They informed me that our dealers, Hadji Nasser Masorong and Tominaman Gani, have long passed away. However, one of my closest friends, Acmad Tomawis, a dynamic businessman and later a congressman whom I gave a service station and a kerosene outlet in Lake Lanao, is still very much active. Apparently, he is related to some of the organizers in this tournament.
When you enter Marawi, you can immediately see and feel that this is a unique city unlike other places in the Philippines. It is officially known as the Islamic City of Marawi and the capital of Lanao del Norte and is relatively big with a total population of over 180,000.
They have a University there with high standards comparable to that of UP. The Maranaos are the most educated minority group in the whole Philippines and there are many Maranaos with Masters or Doctoral degrees.
I used to stay overnight in the guest room of Maranao Timber, the biggest logging and veneer plant in the country operated by US Plywood. I am also reminded of a close friend, a lady British teacher in chemistry at Mindanao State University. Apparently, there are also British Peace Corps volunteers.
Our lady guest columnist and my favorite player, Keith Claire Morala sent in this report.
“International Master Kim Steven Yap claimed the solo champion spot in the 1st Cebu Muslim-Christian Friendship Open Chess Tournament was hosted last January 9-10, 2016 at Colonnade Mall, Cebu City.
IM Yap ended the Open Category on 6.5 points out of 7 grueling and closely fought rounds, winning six and drawing one. His only half-point round was a third-round draw with eventual second-placer Allan Salientes.
Salientes played out a final win in the last round against Ronald Ganzon to place second with six points.
Fide Master Anthony Makinano, Edsel Montoya, and NM Rogelio Enriquez were at joint third to fifth places with 5.5 points apiece.
Carlos Moreno, Yves Fiel, Fernandito Pialan, Ronald Ganzon, Richard Natividad, and William Retanal, Jr. shared the the 6th to 11th places with 5 points.
Meanwhile, Aldritz Pondoyo, KC Morala, and Jeremy Pepito ended the Kiddies and Ladies Category in dead heat at 6 points.
Pondoyo, who won over Pepito in the fifth round but suffered his only loss to Morala in the sixth, bagged the first place courtesy of a better tiebreak score.
Nicole Gocotano placed fourth with 5.5 points, while John Lester Belano, Aaron Resma, Lyan Portes and KC Belano settled in 5th to 8th at 5 points.
The tournament was attended by 108 players and was organized by the Association of Cebu Muslim Professionals and Entrepreneurs, Inc. in cooperation with Cebu Executive and Professional Chess Association.”
Here are the officials and board members of the Association of Cebu Muslim Entrepreneurs and Professionals Inc. : Datu Abubacar S. Gunang – President, Abdul Azis Mayaman – Treasurer, Basleymar Marsangca ,Alimoden Amama,Junaid Amer,Fattah Macayong,Omar Masangca, Masabong Macarampat, Bong Umpar, Samad Rangaig, Samad Solaiman and Elias Matuan.

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