Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pestaño: Suprise twist to candidates tournament

Thursday, April 4, 2013

THE 2013 candidates tournament was the strongest tournament of its kind in history.
The prize fund totaled €510,000 and was held in London from March 14 to April 2. The main sponsor for the Candidates was the State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (Socar).
Magnus Carlsen of Norway won despite losing his last round game to Peter Svidler as the other penultimate round leader, Vladimir Kramnik of Russia also unexpectedly lost to Vassily Ivanchuk in a bizarre finish.
Kramnik was ahead on traditional tiebreak points, but the candidates tournament rules count the number of wins--Carlsen five, Kramnik four --to break the tie. This means that in the next title match, world champion Viswanathan Anand will face Carlsen sometime in November this year.
Carlsen had five wins in the double round robin format against Svidler, Grishuk, Gelfand (twice) and Radjabov. Kramnik had four against Svidler, Aronian(a turning point in the tournament ), Grishuk and Radjabov. Both Kramnik and Carlsen had one loss each against the unpredictable Ivanchuk. Ivanchuk also had a number of winning games but was always in time trouble.
The competing players were so strong that Teimour Radjabov, with a rating of 2793, only scored four points and finished in the cellar.
Here is the final standing--1.) Carlsen (2872), Kramnik (2810)- 8.5 3.) to 4.) Svidler( 2747), Levon Aronian (2809)- 8.0 5.) to 6.) Alexander Grischuk (2764), Boris Gelfand (2740)-6.5, 7.) Ivanchuk (2757)- 6.0, 8.) Teimour Radjabov (2793) 4.0.
Cepca. This report by tournament director Jun Olis is quite late as Chessmoso did not have a column last Good Friday as there was no issue.
“Cepca kids dominated their elder counterparts during the club’s monthly qualifying chess tournament for March held last March 24 at Ocean Pearl Beach Resort in Tongo, Marigondon.
Felix Shaun Balbona defeated Yves Fiel in the final round to emerge champion with a perfect score of 5 points. He earlier defeated Jun Pasion , Ruel Hortelano , Gabby Misterio and Bong San Pascual .
Sharing second to fourth places with four points apiece were Yves Fiel, Marc Balbona and Percival Fiel. The younger Fiel claimed the second spot with the highest tiebreak points, followed by M. Balbona and P. Fiel at the third and fourth spots,
Percival Fiel, claimed the monthly qualifier honors as the kids were only guest participants of the club.
Meanwhile, eight new members were inducted into the club with Chessmoso, Cepca founder as inducting officer. They are SPO4 Ruel Hortelano, Maj. Jun Pasion (Ret), Gabby Misterio, Ruel Robillos, Engr. Jeffrey Solis, Engr. Gerry Maratas, and Amado Olea and Cris Lim of the Philippine Air Force.”
From KC Morala: The Rose Pharmacy Ladies Chess Tournament was held in SM Deep Blue last March 31.
Jazzelle Villarin, after a drawn game to Jessa Balbona, overpowered her other opponents until the last round to keep her lead and take the title as the solo champion of the five-round tournament.
Airene Robillos, Marie Cecillee Lumapac and Vic Glysen Derotas tied at 4 points for the second to fourth places.
The fifth to ninth places were shared by Laila Camel Nadera, Alphecca Gonzales, KC Morala, and Lyka Pondoyo, while Queenie Cablao, Jhoronnie Gayl Bontes, Marvie Abucay and Marivelle Lumayag tied for 10th.
The tournament was sponsored by Boojie Lim and was attended by twenty lady chess players.
An 18-Under tournament will be held this Saturday at Deep Blue starting at 10:30 a.m.
It is sponsored by lawyers Jongjong Melendez and Ben Harayo. Contact Marvin Ruelan for details 09267352951.

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