Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pestaño: A most enjoyable tournament

Thursday, November 20, 2014

IT WAS one of my most enjoyable tournaments ever. Everyone had a lot of fun and the ladies were treated like girl friends. All of them received chocolates and roses of the best kind.
IT WAS one of my most enjoyable tournaments ever. Everyone had a lot of fun and the ladies were treated like girl friends. All of them received chocolates and roses of the best kind.
As I expected, it was very close. Cepca members won by the slimmest of margin, 19.5-18.5. It could have gone the other way as I will explain later. Here are the board by board results. The format was two games of black and white pieces and time control was 30 minutes per player, play to finish.
Here are the results:
1.) Ben Dimaano—Lalia Nadera (USC), 1-1, 2.) John Velarde—Glysen Derotas (USC), 0-2 ,
3.) Boy Pestaño—Shaina Guyneth Caparino (UC), 1.5-0.5, 4.) Therese dela Torre—Quennie Marie Cablao (USJ-R) 0-2, 5.) Elmer Cablao vs. Roxanne Tampus (USJ-R), 1.5- 0.5, 6.) Jojo Muralla vs. Jazzelle Villarin (USJ-R), 0-2, 7.) Carlo Maraat vs. KC Morala (USC), 2-0, 8.) Jennoh Tequillo vs. Jessa Balbona (USJ-R), 0.5-1.5, 9.) Tony Barade vs. Charah Cababan (USC), 1-1, 10.) Alex Tolentino vs. Rowena Padro (USC), 0-1 (one game only), 11.) Andrew Aznar vs. Shaira Monsalud (USC), 0-1 (one game only), 12. Ruel Hortelano vs. Aireen Robillos (USJ-R), 0-2 , 13. Jun Kidlat vs. Stephanie Sabanal (CNU), 2-0 , 14.) Eduard dela Torre vs. Sarajane Dabalos (UV), 2-0 , 15.)
Felix Balbona vs. Ma. Ziella Arioja (CNU), 2-0 , 16.) Jun Olis vs. Marivelle Lumayag (UC) 1-1, 17.) Mike Banibane vs. Kylene Mae Eumague (UC) 1.5-0.5, 18.) Nic-nic Climaco vs. Queenelyn Torres (UC), 1-1, 19. ) Marvyne Guardiana vs. Diana Ross Pabatang (USJ-R), 1-1, 20.) Jerry Maratas vs. Cecillie Lumapac (USJ-R) 2-0.
You will notice that Andrew Aznar and Alex Tolentino played only one game as they had
commitments elsewhere. Shaira, Andrew’s opponent, is probably the No.1 ladies player now, while Rowena is just as good. The two ladies probably would have won the second games.
So the results would have favored the ladies, 20.5-19.5.
Meanwhile, Carlo Maraat  prevented a near sweep by the lady players by snatching the crown in the 10-minute blitz tournament that followed after the event. Other winners were Aireen Robillos (second), KC Morala (third), Shaira Monsalud (fourth) and Glysen Derotas (fifth).
There was an excess of food despite the presence of numerous guests in the dinner that followed. This early, I am thinking of a possible rematch.
Our next agenda is a match between Cepca against the male varsity players selection.
In our match against the ladies, the nine Class A players were not allowed to play to make the match competitive. Also a good team’s matchup will be against the Lapu-Lapu selection, which was an annual event a few years ago.
November. Our monthly tournament will be this Sunday again at Handuraw Gorordo starting 2 p.m. The sponsors for the prizes are Ely Berciles and couple Eduard and Therese dela Torre. All the previous monthly winners, with the exception of our president Engr.Jerry Maratas, will not be allowed to participate unlike in the previous months.
The early qualifiers are Jimmy Ty, NM Arnold Cadiz, Carlo Maraat, Rey Flores, Harrison Chua, Eduard dela Torre, Peterson Sia, Rosendo Yamyamin, Tony Cabibil and Jerry Maratas.
The November tournament will offer two slots to the grand finals next month. Like in the previous years, this will coincide with our Christmas party.
Also, there will be a tournament for the non-qualifiers.
Carlsen-Anand. Eight games have been played so far and this match is anything but timid. Carlsen is leading, 4.5-3.5, and all the games were hotly contested. Carlsen won the second game, Anand tied the match by winning the third game. Carlsen won the sixth game, while the rest were draws.
The big news of this match is that Fide, at this late stage, has not received the prize fund of $1.5 million from the organizers!

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