Friday, November 15, 2013

Pestaño: Chess masters who love to drink

Thursday, November 14, 2013

In the chess world, alcoholism is a problem. Numerous grandmasters are addicted to alcohol.
A few years ago GM Vladislav Tkachiev turned up drunk and could not finish his game in a tournament in India as he fell asleep during the game and could not be awakened.
Even world champions, especially Mikhael Tal and Alexander Alekhine, could not stay away from the bottle even during world championships.
Sometimes Tal had to be carried away from his game because he was so drunk! When told that the Soviet Union was launching a campaign against alcoholism he commented, “I’ll be on the side of vodka.”
James Mason, the Irish-born American and an author of several chess books, sometimes fell out of his chair because he was so drunk.
Joseph Blackburne favorite opening was the Scotch game and also his favorite drink. He would place a glass of whiskey at strategic locations while giving simuls. He even claimed that he was a better player while drinking.
Efim Bogoljubow was a beer drinker. It is said that beer was the only English word he knew.
Mikhael Chigorin was drinking free brandy from one of the sponsors while playing the world championship against Steinitz, who went along the ride by drinking champagne.
Another good player while drunk is the late Florencio Campomanes. He doesn’t seemed to be affected by beer, his favorite drink.
Charles Stanley was an alcoholic who was champion before Paul Morphy. Morphy would
play against him and sent all his winnings to Mrs. Stanley.
I think playing chess and drinking are inseparable because both are entertaining. Most chess clubs, not only here but all over the world are located in pubs and cafes where drinks are readily available. Cepca is no exception.
From Baseline to Lynn’s Juntion to Teofel and from there to Kawayan Grill and Handuraw, Cepca members meet to play chess and drink with very few exceptions. Of course, drinks are off limits during tournaments.
It has been observed that clubs worldwide that meet and practice chess where there are alcoholic drinks available tend to have more members. Most club members attend meetings and practice sessions because of the drinking sessions on the side.
Mactan. The Mactan Island Chess and Scrabble Association will be sponsoring two tournaments this weekend at the Super Metro in Lapu-Lapu City in celebration of the town fiesta-Kiddies and Non-master team tournament.
The Kiddies section is open only to Lapu-Lapu residents 14 years and below.
Registration is only P25 and prizes total P1,000 with the winner taking home P500.
This will be on Nov. 17.
The team tournament on Nov. 16-17 must have four regular members and one alternate.
All members must be residents of Lapu-Laupu City or employed in a company in Lapu-Lapu City for at least six months. The number of rounds will depend on the total number of teams playing.
Time control is 20 minutes plus two-second increments. Registration is P1,000 per team.
The top three teams will win P5,000, P3,500 and P2,500 plus trophies. All board winners, including the alternate, gets P500 each. Deadline of registration is Nov. 16 at 9:30 am.
The tournament director is Hon. Galileo “Django” Roma and interested teams may contact t Felix Poloyapoy 09336642958 or Rene Romero 09324051689.
PIcpa . The Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (Picpa) team tournament will proceed this weekend at Deep Blue SM at 1pm. It was originally scheduled last weekend but was cancelled due to Yolanda.

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