Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pestaño: Cebuano child prodigy strikes again

Thursday, February 5, 2015

I WAS expecting Jerish Velarde (son of Engr. John Velarde) to play in our monthly tournament last Jan. 31 as children of Cepca members have been allowed to participate.
I did not know that he left for Manila to play in a national tournament.
Jerish Velarde of Lapu-Lapu City won the 2015 National Schools and Youth Chess Championship 1st Leg- Boys Under 9. The competition was held in the PSC Athletes’ Dining Hall inside the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex recently from January 29 to February 1.
The event is the first of three legs elimination process culminating in a Grand Finals in April. The Champions in each category will represent the country in the Asian Schools tpirma,emt from May 30 to June 8 in Singapore.
Jerish started with three straight wins and had a draw in the fourth round. Then he won the last two rounds to take the title in the Under 9 -Boys with an undefeated score of 5.5 points in six-rounds .
Cedric Macato had 4.5 points for second place, while Robert James Perez had four pts for third place.
Cepca monthly. Starting the month of January, club players will be categorized into two groups - A and B. Highly rated players screened by the tournament chairman and the arbiter will compose Group A, while the rest will be in Group B. This will encourage club members with average playing capabilities to join our monthly tournaments as often as possible.
The two groups will undergo separate tournaments done simultaneously, with the winner from each group qualifying into the grand finals.
Any Group B player who wishes to play in Group A can do so, but an A player can’t play in Group B. In addition, the club, in its desire to help young talents improve their game , is reintroducing the participation of these kids in our monthly tournaments - -though limited only to sons and daughters of club members.
These kids will also be categorized according to their playing strength and in cases they emerge as winners, they can only win the prize money and not as qualifiers since they are considered as guests.
The Top three winners in the first tournament are (Group A)-Yves Fiel (son of Percival Fiel) 6.5 points, Felix Shaun Balbona (son of Felixberto) 5.5 and Rey Flores 5.0. In group B , they are Rogelito Hortelano and Ruel Hortelano with 4 points each and Manuel Abucay 3.5. Venue was at Handuraw Gorordo.
Wesley. Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, in a privilege speech, wants the senate to investigate the Philippines Sports Commission and the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) for Wesley`s transfer to the United States Chess Federation (USCF).
Wesley has just played in the Super Tournament, Tata Steel, considered the premiere event of the year,also known as the “Wimbledon of chess.” He placed tied for second, just half a point behind World champion Magnus Carlsen earning the accolade of countless fans and experts. Many now consider him a strong contender to be world champion.
“Instead of seeking out GM So and trying to iron out and resolve things with him and persuade him to continue playing for the country, our sports officials, including NCFP, sat on his letter and bungled the opportunity to prevail upon So to reconsider his decision,” Trillanes said.
KC Morala. My favorite lady player and aspiring journalist, Keith Claire Carlisle Morala, is not only charming but a great player as well and captured the first-ever Rose Pharmacy Women’s Chess Tournament last Sunday at the Cebu School of Chess
She just turned 18 last month and unfortunately , I was not able to attend as I had visitors from Manila who came here to watch the Sinulog. .
Morala had 6.5 points in 7 rounds against a strong field.

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