Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pestaño: Blondes vs. Brunettes, chess version

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Cepca-sponsored children tournament will take center stage tomorrow at the Cebu School of Chess.
Children’s tournaments are always fun and rewarding for both the players and the organizers and are fertile breeding grounds for training future masters and champions.
This is a single day tournament to ensure that all participants will stay for the entire event. The most important rule for the children is to be courteous and to behave like adults. Rudeness and arguments can mar an otherwise fun event. Parents should behave too. Let’s teach our children to follow the rules and respect their opponents.
Parents and coaches need to understand and accept that it is normal for young children to do foolish things and to make huge mistakes. Unlike adults, the children are under tremendous pressure at these tournaments, and organizers need to lighten that pressure by providing a good environment.
This tournament is for kiddies 14 years and under and has separate categories for boys and girls. The venue is at Cebu Chess School, at the Central Books Bldg. along P. del Rosario St.. Registration starts at 9 a.m. and the first round at 10:30 a.m.
The format is seven rounds Swiss and the time control is 20 minutes per player with five-second increments.
Prizes for the boys division are P2,000 for the first placer, P1,500 for the second placer, P1,000 for the third placer, P700 for the routh placer and P500 for the fifth placer. The rest of the top 10 will get P300 each.
In the girls division, the prizes are P1,500 for the first placer, P1,200 for the second placer, P800 for the third placer and P600 and P400 for the fourth and fifth placers. The rest of the top 10 will get P200 each. Registration is P100 for Boys and P75 for Girls.
This tournament is supported by Handuraw Pizza (Gorordo, JY Square, Kasambagan, Canduman), Kelly Uy, Cepca president Jerryboy Maratas, Marvyne Guardiana, Atty. Jennoh Tequillo, Jun Kidlat, Felixberto Balbona, Ely Berciles, Carlo Maraat, El Labunog, Ben Dimaano, Jun Olis, Gabriel Misterio, Edilberto Jr. Velarde, Ruel Hortelano, Manuel Abucay, Joel Cortez, Percival Fiel and Michael Rebato. Trophies for the champions are fabricated and donated by Ronald Galindo.
This early I would like to announce a big tournament on May 17-18 titled Cebu City Mayor`s Cup Open. There will be P80,000 in total prizes. Another tournament, this time for inmates at the Cebu Provincial Jail or better known as BBRC, is scheduled this month or early next month.
Cepca has an energetic president in Engr.Jerry Maratas who is supported by the board led by vice presidents Marvynne Guardiana and Dante Arguelles and the other members Jun Olis, Jun Kidlat, Ruel Hortelano,Chessmoso and former president Jojo Muralla.
Blondes vs Brunettes. There is a purported rivalry between blondes and brunettes especially in countries like Austria, France, Germany Russia, United Kingdom and the United States. This rivalry is common in television and movies and in real life.
The most famous rivalry are the cartoon characters Betty Cooper (blonde) and Veronica Lodge (brunette) over the affection of Archie Andrews.
My favorite competitive event are the blonde vs. brunette chess matches that began in 2011 in Moscow. They are always held on April 1. Blondes are always dressed in light colors and brunettes dressed in dark colors. Almost all of the contestants are Fide-titled players who are carefully chosen by their respective managers.
The format is 10 players per team who will play all the other players.
The 2011 match was won by the brunettes. The 2012 re-match was won by the blondes and a third blonde vs. brunette chess match was a tie. The fourth was won by the blondes.

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