Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pestaño: A $1-M chess match between Manny, Floyd?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

THE Cebu Executives and Professionals Chess Association will be celebrating its 23rd anniversary with a nine-round Swiss Active tournament at the Entertainment Plaza in SM CITY-Cebu on Oct. 12 and 13 at 10:30 am. This tournament will be Fide-rated.
Registration is P200 for regular players and P100 for ladies and kiddies.
The champion will get P7,000 and a trophy, while the second placer will get P5,000.
The third to fifth placers will get P3,000, P2,000 and P1,000. The sixth to 10th placers will get P500 each, while the 11th to 15th placers will get P400 each. The 16th to 20th placers will get P300 each.
There will also be special prizes for the Top 3 finishers among the seniors (50 above), juniors, ladies, kiddies and kids.
The total prizes are P30,400 and for more info you may contact Marvin Ruelan (09267352951) or Jun Olis (09232629642). Registration will be on site or by sending a text message to Ruelan or Olis.
The club was founded in 1990 by two close friends---myself and Art Ynclino. Our initial recruits were my brother Danny, Sonny Sollano, Alex Tolentino, Loy Minoza , Nicnic Climaco and Gerry Tomakin.
Danny, Sonny, Loy and Gerry have passed away and so also did our first honorary member, Bombi Aznar.
We have about 120 members and 6 honorary members--Boojie Lim, Kelly Uy, Darcy Tabotabo, Andrew Aznar ,former Mayor Alvin Garcia and current Mayor Michael Rama. Some foreigners have returned to their respective countries while some members have migrated to the USA and Canada .
Mayweather. Everybody knows this guy. He is undefeated as a professional boxer and a five-division world champion and has won eight world titles .
He is avoiding our Manny Pacquiao like the plague and their fight, if realized, will be one of the most significant fights in boxing history.
Unknown to many, Floyd is also an avid chess player like Pacquiao and recently made headlines in various chess websites because of what happened in San Francisco.
According to a news release “It’s not often that a 93-year-old, a trapeze artist, a kid from the Sunnydale projects, and a DJ from a gentlemen’s club can find something in common. But if you’ve ever been to Fifth and Market in downtown San Francisco, you know that the intersection is one place where this was possible. That’s where people of all walks of life have been playing chess since the 1980s.”
The chess games were busted up by the San Francisco Police Department a few weeks ago after what the authorities said were an average of 100 complaints a month. The police took the boards, the chess pieces, the tables and chairs.
Store owners complained that their businesses were negatively affected by the street activity
SFPD Capt. Michael Redmond told the San Francisco Business Times that the games were used to disguise illegal activities that included drug sales, illegal gambling and “barbecues on the street.” But there was no mention in any of the media stories about violent incidents, robberies or anyone’s safety being threatened as a result of their presence.
Commenting on the popular “Colbert Report” about the incident in San Francisco, Floyd says “There are always going to be some bad apples in the chess board but for kids in a tough neighborhood chess is the only way out .I love chess…it teaches you tactics, skill and creativity,”
Mayweather also says that chess helps you succeed in life and the game keeps him 10
steps ahead of his opponents in defense and offence.
I have a message for Floyd .If you don’t want to fight Pacquiao in the ring, how about a chess match with Pacquiao for a bet of say, a million dollars? It’s just loose change for you both.

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