Friday, August 5, 2011

A collection of chess poems

Chess, as a game, is like poetry in motion. That is why of all the sports, chess has the most poems. Some are very good and entertaining but are much too long ,

Others are too serious. Here are the cheerful ones.


Chess is a game
Just played by two,
Mind over matter,
Me vs. you
"What's your rating?"
The stranger does ask,
He wants to know
The degree of his task!
"1400, and what is yours?"
I kindly reply.
"Oh, I'm unrated!"
Watch out for this guy!

A silence begins
As their minds shift into gear,
They parry and spar,
Seems there's nothing to fear,
When all of a sudden
On move thirty eight,
One player moans, "Oh, no!"
As a whisper breathes, "Mate!"

Opening Overture

First I push a center pawn
Then I move a Knight
Next I get my Bishop out
And everything`s alright

Now I want to castle
Lock my King up safe and tight
Castling also puts my rook
Where it can join in the fight

Once I have both Bishops and
Both Kights where they can help
I move my Queen behind them
So her power can be felt

All my pieces come to life
Rooks, Bishops ,Knights and Queen
I now advance my pawns
Attacking everything I see

I keep my pieces active
They attack and they defend
I know that if I start out like this
I`ll win more in the end!

Peaceful Game

I like to think chess is a courteous game
I play it with family and friends
I like to think chess is a peaceful game
Nobody gets hurt when it ends

I never distract my opponent
I don`t want to act like a pest
I hope they believe in the very same way
So both of us play at our best

I know chess is not really gentle
Its more like war or a fight
I always shake hands at the start and end
So we can stay friends day and night

On the board we`re enemies
Off the board we`re friends
On the board there`s never peace
But off the board I hope for peace that never ends

Watch out man

Watch out man
The game is mine
Beating you is a crime
The next time you want to play
You better practice all that day

White Squares or Black

White squares or black
Bishops or Knights
You better get ready to put up a fight

I might open with the English
I might open with the French
But nothing you do will break
My defense

My pieces will surround your King
And then you`ll know its just too late
For the next word out of my mouth
Will be the word “checkmate”!

The Knight

I am the Knight of chess
I move like the letter L
I move two squares then turn
And I do that very well.

I can do it upside-down or sideways
To the left or right.
I can jump over other pieces
No matter what their height.

And every time I move,
I switch the color of my square
No one else can say that
No one else would dare

No King or Queen can move
like me,or jump over anyone
So with my jumping L shaped
Move, I have the greatest fun.

PMS Chess tournament There will be a 7 rounds Swiss tournament on Aug 7 for Talisay residents and neighboring towns comprising 3 individual and a team tournament.

The competition is for Kiddies, Juniors and class B senior players,
The team tournament should be composed of 3 members(senior Class B,Junior and Kiddie).

Organizer is Jojo Powao, president of the Talisay Chess Club.,

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