Friday, December 21, 2007

New Fischer book, a hoax?

By Frank 'Boy “ Pestaño

I’VE come across several items in various chess blogs about an alleged new Fischer book “My 61 memorable games” that was auctioned in Canadian Ebay but was withdrawn later, probably because the whole thing was a hoax. If you recall, one of the best selling books of all time was Fischer`s “My 60 memorable games.”

“hat was being auctioned was the first 50 copies and “improved analysis and commentary” by Fischer. Here is a foreword by Fischer himself quoted in the auction:

“It is no secret that I have withdrawn from competitive chess .This book will not focus on that subject. Certain views that I have expressed publicly in the past, through radio and the Internet and other forms of communication, are likewise not mentioned anywhere in this book. The only quarrels featured on these pages will be the silent battles of the two minds playing the game of chess. I know many of the readers seek answers to probing questions regarding the Bobby Fischer of 1972. That person no longer exists.

The questions I will answer are: Why did I write this book? Why now, after all these years? I’ve wanted to release an official version of my book updated in algebraic notation, with a few minor corrections. (Editor’s note: Unauthorized versions of Mr. Fischer’s book from 1969, My 60 Memorable Games, do exist.) I also have a few things to say to others that have written about my games that I strongly disagree with, to put it mildly. It’s about time that I addressed these issues. And why now?

The United Bank of Switzerland has taken almost all of the money from my 1992 rematch with Borris Spassky. For those who are unaware, this is over $3,000,000. My ongoing battle with them is getting nowhere despite International Law clearly being on my side. So I bring to you my previous 60 memorable games plus one from the event that has indirectly caused me so much trouble, in the hopes that the sales of this book will reverse that situation.

It was tempting to add many important games from the path leading up to and including the 1972 World Championship, but that was simply too big of a project for now.”

Any news from Fischer merits mention as he is now in a hospital in Rekjavik, Iceland due to “kidney problems” and some sites are even mentioning that his condition is serious.

. The 4th Singapore Open is being held from Dec. 16 to 22 and there were several Pinoy players who joined the contest. Mark Paragua, Enrique Paciencia and Jayson Gonzales, who needs only one more norm to become grandmaster, had a good start but faded in the closing rounds. Here are the top six players after round seven:

1.) GM Sandipan Chanda (India, 2593, 6.0) 2.) GM Azmaiparashvili Zurab (Georgia, 2606, 5.5) 3.) GM Zhang Zhong (Singapore, 2634, 5.5) 4.) GM Dao Thien Hai (Vietnam, 5.0) 5.) IM Julio Catalino Sadorra (Philippines, 2414, 5.0) 6.) IM laxman RR (India, 2395).

World Cup. Gata Kamsky has won the World Cup defeating Alexei Shirov in the four-game final with a win and three draws. He won $120,000, while Shirov had to settle with $80,000.

He did not lose a single game in the 128-field knockout format winning over Junior Champion Ahmed Adly in the first round, Boris Avrukh, Sergei Rublevski, Peter Svidler, Ruslan Ponomariov, Magnus Carlsen and finally Shirov.

I recall that back in the ’90s, Richard Bitoon, who won P30,000 in the recently concluded Rose Pharmacy Open Christmas tournament, was known as the “Kamsky of Cebu” as both look the same.

Cepca News. This is a reminder to all members that our grand finals and Christmas party will be tomorrow Dec. 22 at our house in Mabolo starting at 3 p.m.
For more information call 231-7656.

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