Friday, October 26, 2007

Eugene Torre and Bobby Fischer

By Frank “Boy” Pestaño

UNKNOWN to many, Bobby Fischer and Eugene Torre are the best of friends.

Here are some anecdotes lifted from the site and updated.

Bobby made Eugene his official second in his 1992 return match with Boris Spassky that took place in war-torn Yugoslavia. It was then sanctioned by the United Nations.

Not a well-known fact is that Cebuano NM Eric Gloria was a part of Fischer’s team in this match. I recall Eric confiding in me some inside information about the match upon their arrival from Montenegro, Yugoslavia.

Bobby also asked the assistance of Eugene in 1996 when the eccentric American genius launched “Fischer Random Chess” in Argentina.

The story goes that during that period, Eugene and Bobby boarded a taxi in Buenos Aires and the driver easily recognized Eugene as a chess player. As they were about to leave the taxi, the driver, not knowing who the other passenger was, asked Eugene, “Whatever happened to that crazy guy Fischer?”

During the 1972 Fischer-Spassky match in Rekjavik, the Russians linked Spassky’s erratic play with Fischer’s chair. The organizers put a 24-hour police guard around the chair while x-ray tests were performed. Nothing unusual was found except two dead flies.

When Fischer was in prison in Japan because of a cancelled passport, Spassky wrote to President Bush, “Bobby and I committed the same crime. Arrest me also. And put me in the same cell with Bobby and give us a chess set.”

To which Fischer quipped, “Not him, I want a chick.” Bobby suggested GM Alexandra Kosteniuk as cellmate, who is as beautiful as the young Elizabeth Taylor.

When Bobby Fischer was detained in Japan, Filipino fans formed a car caravan plastered with signs calling “Free Bobby Fischer, he is an international treasure.”

In Buenos Aires 1960 the young Fischer, then almost 17, lost his virginity to a lady commissioned for the occasion by GM Larry Evans. Asked the next day what he thought of the experience, Fischer said “Chess is better!”

CEPCA NEWS. The club elected the following as members of the board of trustees last Sunday at the Deep Blue Café SM City: Jongjong Melendez, Maggi Dionson, Joe Atillo, Marilou Pagarigan, Rene Casia, Fabio Abucejo, Ben Dimaano, Tony Cabibil and myself. The elected trustees will meet at a later date to elect among themselves the officers of the club.

After the election, we held our October tournament and the champion was Jojo Muralla. Second to fifth placers were Nic Cuizon, Fabio Abucejo, Jongjong Melendez and Percival Fiel, respectively.

We had four new members and we would like to introduce and welcome them to the club.

Ariel S. Atibula is a mechanical engineer working in the Court of Appeals-Cebu Station as administrative officer and chief maintenance unit. He learned to play chess at a young age and became active and studied more when he was working in Manila . He is a back-to-back champion, 2006-07 in a competition in their office.

Richard F. Ouano is connected with the Department of Interior and Local Government assigned in Madridejos, Cebu. He is 39 years old, married with three children, Honey Fe (10), Lawrence Paul (6) and Richard Jr. (4).

Cyrus Ian Pascua is a University of the Philippines graduate with a degree in BS Metallurgical Engineering and is connected with E-telecare Global Solutions. He was taught chess by his dad during his elementary years. He thinks that chess is not just a game of mind but also requires dedication and passion. He also likes billiards, basketball, table tennis, badminton and PC games.

David Garces is a seaman, who resides in Talisay City.

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