Friday, October 27, 2006

(Holly)woodpushers, 007 and Madonna

By Frank “Boy” Pestaño

Sean Connery rose to fame as the 1st cinematic James Bond in the movie Dr. No although Ian Fleming was quoted as saying “he is not exactly what I envisioned“ as the fictional British agent OO7.

He went on the play Bond in six more movies eclipsed only by Roger Moore who did seven.

Connery plays chess in between movie takes and participated in tournaments while he was in school. He was voted “sexiest man alive“ by People magazine in 1989 and received the Oscar as best supporting actor playing the cop Malone in the movie Untouchables.

Another OO7 agent who plays chess is Timothy Dalton, who portrayed Bond twice in “License to Kill” and “The Living Daylights”. He is also famous for playing Heathcliff in the movie Wuthering Heights.

Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are so serious about chess that they are taking lessons from former Scottish champion Alan Norris. She has two chess-related music videos, one which features her playing chess with her lover in “The Power of Goodbye,” and another video showing her playing chess with a man in a beach-house in an extremely scenic video where she disappears into the sea after kissing the man.

Cher is a famous singer, songwriter, director, author and all-around entertainer. She has won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and three Golden Globe awards among others. She is one of the most respected and enduring entertainer of all time. She and former husband Sonny Bono are avid chess players.

There is a joke that Chuck Norris once tried to beat Garry Kasparov in chess.

When he lost, he won in life by roundhouse kicking Kasparov in the face. Kidding aside Chuck is a good chess player and one of the most successful action stars of all time.

Dennis Quaid is a versatile actor, performing in both dramatic and comedic roles and is famous for his unique grin. Aside from playing chess, he is a scratch player in golf and was named top golfer among the Hollywood set by Golf Digest. He was formerly married to actress Meg Ryan and his elder brother Randy is also an actor and his sparring partner in chess.

Bill Cosby is one of America‘s most admired entertainers known for his warmth both onstage and off. He later starred in his own series, The Bill Cosby Show. Cosby rarely uses profanity in his act and has criticized rap music in the past. Some of his episodes in his show have scenes that depict chess as lessons in life.

CEPCA NEWS. Former president Jun Olis and current president of the Cebu Executives and Professionals Chess Association, Mandy Baria, have finalized the Cepca vs. Lapu-Lapu IV match, which will be played at Bibo Chess Club along Jakosalem St. this coming Sunday Oct.29 at 1 pm. It will be recalled that in previous years the score is 3-1 in favor of the descendants of Lapu-Lapu.

Playing for Lapu-Lapu are Joel Fernan, Jun Caballes, Tommy Tampus, Tata Casas, Rene Romero, Norman Olaybar, Armand Apa, Ramil Resuera, Aldrin Daculan, Lando Torres, Cezar Fernandez,Tony Ycong, Ferdinand Solis, Kidz Godinez, Arnel Abellana, Neil Amores, Nilo Bonganciso, Ariel Potot, Jojo Muralla and Jun Olis.

Cepcans who will try to even matters with their worthy opponents are Dante Arguelles, Richard Abangan, Ben Dimaano, Rene Casia, Joe Atillo, Ramon Pangilinan , Jun Quidlat, Art Yclino, Percival Fiel, Jongjong Melendez, Felix Balbona, William Retanal, Mike Banebane, Maggi Dionson, Junard Labadan, Zaldy Tabanao, Fred Sandalo, Fabio Abucejo, Manuel Abucay, Harrison chua, Danny Pestano and Mandy Baria. I will only play if necessary.

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