Saturday, November 5, 2005

‘Crabby opening’ vs. a ‘hippo’s defense’

By Frank “Boy” Pestaño

There are literally hundreds of openings and variations in chess, some quite popular like the Ruy Lopez, Sicilian, English and the French, but there are also the unsound, ridiculous and not necessarily bad openings that are named after animals.

Barnes defense - Fried Fox variation: 1.a4 e5 2.h4Crab Opening: 1.a4 e5 2.h4 Elephant Gambit: 1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 d5 Hippopotamus Defense: 1.e4 Nh6 2.d4 g6 3.c4 English Orangutan: 1.c4 Nf6 2.b4Rat: 1.d4 d6 Take note of these openings so you can improve your chess IQ.

CHESSMATES. Fellow columnist Manny Oyson wrote about the newest magazine in town, Chessmates, that featured new Grandmaster Mark Paragua on the cover, and had an article about chess patron Bombi Aznar written by Oyson and the 64 Golden men of chess.

Bombi gave me a copy incidentally, and I was impressed by the layout and contents. This is certainly a brave venture by Dr. Jenny Mayor, who contacted Jun Olis and me prior to its publication.

Jun told me that I was nominated to be one of the “golden men” but I, of course, refused because I believe that I don’t belong to the same category as Bombi, Boojie Lim or Florencio Campomanes. Jun was also nominated, being the president of the Cebu Executives and Professionals Chess Association (Cepca), but he also declined.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to future issues of Chessmates.

DINNER SHOW. Cepca will sponsor a dinner show at the Handuraw Cafe this month as part of its fund-raising campaign and to improve the camaraderie among its members. All chess makes Jack a dull boy.

We will have three live bands courtesy of Handuraw, a five-course meal excluding lechon, which is donated by treasurer Ed Cabantug, and lots of beer -- all for only P500. Each member will be required to bring a companion and will be assessed P1000 - not bad, as we guarantee you will get your money’s worth.

Cepca president Jun Olis, will contact each member, and the proceeds will be used for our grand finals in December.

CHESS PUZZLE. Solution to last week’s puzzle:Bc6. There were 35 correct entries and after a raffle, here are the five winners: Henry Prajes, Ramon Rojas, Tisha Twinkle Sanchez, Sai Yue Wan and Evan Ybañez.

Claim your P100 prepaid card each at Handuraw Cafe in Mabolo anytime in the afternoon up to 11 p.m.

Solve the following puzzle and win a prepaid card from my sponsor, the Corporate and Regulatory Group of Globe Telecom through Jerome Yntig, Vismin head. There will be five winners of P100 card.

Be reminded that only Globe subscribers can participate in this contest. Text your name and keymove to cell no.

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